Colour Your City is a global movement dedicated to transforming and enriching urban space with colour.

Why cities?

With global populations increasingly concentrated in cities and urban areas, there is a real need to ensure that these urban environments are as conducive to life and well-being as possible. Cities are complex networks, 'multi-authored' habitats, in constant renewal. At regular intervals we need to re-evaluate if urban space is serving the needs of its communities and enhancing vitality.

Why colour?

Colour impacts everything we do. It is a very powerful tool of language, expression, communication and connection. Everyone gets colour, making it a very accessible and potent tool to energise and enhance the urban environment. 

Colour's versatility in application and approach, makes it an ideal vehicle for civic participation, and to support the long-term interests of human activity in an area. Through coming together to add colour – in a myriad of ways – we can spark and create new creative possibilities for the area, foster a sense of local pride, improve communication and social cohesion.

Inspired by the power & beauty of colour.