Colour Your City is dedicated to transforming urban space with colour.


Colour Your City envisions a world where colour is used consciously and imaginatively to enrich the built environment and elevate wellbeing.

We see colour as a key element of urban design and placemaking, which can be utilised to help harmonise space, foster creative cities, and connect citizens, space and community.

Colour Your City believes in dynamic, playful, interactive and intriguing urban space.

Colour Your City works with city makers and shapers internationally, using the power of colour to improve urban spaces.

We are a specialist agency based in London, with a global network of catalysts. Our team helps provide strategic advice, consultancy and artistic production at each stage of the urban design and placemaking process.

We study the psychology of colour in urban spaces, and interpret how it can be used effectively in urban design and placemaking, to create cities that are better for us.

Colour Your City works with local authorities, placemaking agencies, architects, urban planners, developers, community groups and cultural institutions to provide colour consultancy, produce inspiring spatial solutions and site-specific transformations, deliver creative placemaking and research the impact of colour in the built environment.


Why cities?

With global populations increasingly concentrated in cities and urban areas, there is a real need to ensure that these urban environments are as conducive to life and well-being as possible. Cities are complex networks, 'multi-authored' habitats, in need of constant renewal and care. At regular intervals we need to re-evaluate how the built environment is serving the needs of its communities and enhancing vitality.

Why colour?

Colour impacts everything we do. It is a very powerful tool of language, expression, communication and connection. Everyone 'gets' colour on some level, making it an accessible and potent tool. 

Colour's versatility in application and approach, also makes it an ideal vehicle for civic participation. This participative action can be used to support the long-term interests of human activity in an area. Through coming together to add colour – in a myriad of ways – we can spark and create new creative possibilities for the area, foster a sense of local pride, improve communication and social cohesion.

Inspired by the power & beauty of colour, we help transform urban space.


Colour Consultancy

  • Chromatic studies

  • Strategic colour advice

  • Inspiring spatial solutions

We believe in the power of colour, and deliver evidence-based insights to help our clients radically improve urban habitats.

We study colour culture and the psychology of colour in urban spaces, and interpret how it can be used effectively in urban design and placemaking to create cities with more enriching and healthy environments.


Creative Placemaking

  • Workshops

  • Civic engagement

  • Participatory artworks

We use colour to explore culture, place, history and identity.

Our workshops are creative, playful and engaging, whilst seeking to understand real needs and create collaborative solutions.

Workshops can include multimedia storytelling and using technologies such as augmented reality to reimagine space.


Public Art

  • Site-specific public art

  • Live art PROGRAMMING

  • Interactive installations

Through site-specific collaborations with a stable of colour-centric artists we directly transform space.

We offer end-to-end delivery from initial spatial assessment to conceptual development, artist curation, commissioning, multidisciplinary team building, public engagement, final delivery and impact studies.


  • Proprietary studies

  • Commissioned research

  • Colour Chat: AN open dialogue

We explore colour as a tool of urban transformation. Physical, sensorial and aesthetic change within the cityscape, and also how the use of colour can impact social change, creativity and engagement.

Our Colour Chat series is part of our open dialogue with professionals and citizens, so far taking place in several countries.



#ColourChat is an open dialogue about colour in the built environment.

Engaging with urban design professionals and citizens about the role of colour is central to Colour Your City.

We delve deep into multi-hued conversations that explore the impact and potential of colour, and gather valuable information into its potential to create better cities. We use these insights to deliver effective spatial solutions and placemaking activities.

You are invited to participate in a digital version of #ColourChat and share your responses to a series of thought-provoking questions.


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